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A 4-day Cornwall road trip: Padstow, Lands End and Eden Project

Waking up to freshly cooked eggs, an ocean view and someone you love is a pretty dreamy scenario, right? Add in a vintage (1973 to be exact) VW camper van, Cornwall and four days to explore the coast on an epic Cornwall road trip and it’s a bucket list adventure worthy of a pretty high placement. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that Cornwall is one of the best places to visit in the UK. Check out the best things to do in Cornwall here. Well last week I did exactly the above, and it did not disappoint one bit.

Sure, driving a 43 year old VW camper isn’t always smooth sailing, but it is SO much fun and it adds SO much character (and so many memories) to the adventure. I’ve done road trips all over the world (they are my absolute favourite) and honestly, this one in Cornwall was up there with the best. The UK has the most stunning rugged coastlines, so combine that with Cornwall’s incredible seafood, walks, pubs and activities and we already had a recipe for success. Check out the best beaches in Cornwall here. However, in case any of you guys aren’t aware about the English weather situation… it can never be predicted or relied upon. We can, quite often, have 4 seasons in a day and summer can means weeks of endless rain (we just had this in June). This factor alone can make planning holidays in the UK rather annoying. However, saying that, Cornwall is one of the only places in the world that I love even when it’s raining, cold and grey. The cozy English pubs, glasses of cool Cornish cider, cream piled hot chocolates and wrapped up walks on the beach all hold some of my favourite memories.

Conclusion? There is no perfect time to plan a road trip to Cornwall. I would honestly go whenever. My mum and I embarked on our Cornwall road trip last week (mid July) and amazingly timed it with a heatwave here in the UK, so the scenes I managed to capture were beyond epic. Wondering how to plan your very own Cornwall road trip? The beauty of road trips really is in the spontaneity. The concept of pulling up somewhere, wandering around and discovering random places is what it’s all about. Wonderfully, this means you don’t need to do too much planning before hand. Well I don’t like to anyway. Just grab yourself a vehicle, a rough idea of a route, an open mind and you’re all set!

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